FAQs - Headshot Event

What should I wear for my headshot?

Wear something professionally appropriate to your industry. We are only shooting tight here so we will only be showing your top.

How many changes of clothes should I bring?

Two changes of shirt/top is ideal. Our $115 package only allows for one look, feel free to bring multiples if you want so we can help you choose. Our $165 package offers two looks so again bring multiples if you are having a hard time choosing. 

What about makeup and hair?

We will not be offering hair and makeup on site. We do use the best makeup artists for full sessions. Feel free to contact us if you want to separately arrange makeup offsite.

What kinds of facilities do you have?

We have a full studio set up in the heart of San Diego with a changing room, two bathrooms and plenty of street parking.

How quick is the turnaround time on edited photos?

Within a week you will have the images in your email inbox. 

When should I arrive?

You may want to give your self some time to prep before your headshot at the studio. Typically 30 minutes is plenty of time before your scheduled session.

We have steamers for your clothes in case they are wrinkled and bathrooms with mirrors if you want to touch up your make up or shave.

What do I do with my stuff when I arrive?

We have clothing racks you can hang your items on while you are visiting our studio.

How tight will the crop be?

We will be shooting horizontal. These are headshots and will be cropped in pretty tight. Great headshots focus on you so we will be getting close. You can see crop examples on our website. 

What about proofing options?

We shoot tethered into the computer, meaning the photos will show up on the computer as we shoot them, so we can get a good idea how everything is looking as we shoot.

I can't make this event... What should I do?

Stay calm. Follow us on social media for the next event. It's a great idea to keep your headshot up to date so we will be offering other events. 

Will the event be held in other cities?